Saturday, February 26, 2011

TAG Pearls VS Interfrenze

so we were just asked today by our good friend Alana in California ( what the difference between the new TAG pearls and Krolans Interfrenze was...aside from the price!

So have two to show you with the closet Interfrenze we could get. The first one is the TAG lilac next to the Mozart Pink. The TAG paint is a solid coverage light pinky/purple with slight silver undertones. The Mozart pink really is a rockin' color with iridescent purple tones-- but it went on a little sheer for our taste. The TAG lime is a opaque light green which is more pastel than electric with gold undertones. The Interfreneze product is called silver green and does have a silver cast -- so while these colors werent directly comprable we wanted to give you a side by side look...what do YOU think?

1 comment:

  1. While I like the color tone of the Interferenze pink, I can see how sheer it is. It wouldn't work well for my needs. And, OMG that TAG pearl lime is GREAT!!!!! TAG wins- hands down! :) Thanks for the color comparison! :)