Monday, January 31, 2011

gold, bronze, copper? whats the difference!

This is usually a confusing question for any face painter. "Should i buy gold, or will yellow face paint be good enough? Is metalic really worth the extra cost? what *are* the differences in all those goldy-orange colors anyway?

The very best way for a face or body painter to make those decisions is to go to a convention or a local jam where a vendor has the range of colors and try them. For instance I *adored* a certain bronze color made by Kryolan so much I bought the biggest cake I could but when I actually got to use it I was disappointed when I put it on it completely disappeared on my average Caucasian skin tone! In fact this color only looks good on a very specific skin color and very specific designs (usually more sophisticated designs). so I was back on the hunt for the most perfect metalic color.

Fast forward to the Face Paint Store and our multitude of choices in copper, old gold, gold and yellow face paints! If you like your metallic accent on the lighter side yellow or gold is for you. Old gold is a beautiful, full color and copper is that deep luxurious tone I love. All have a place in your face painting kit to be used for  different designs. and for ease of comparison Ive lined them all up here.

Next week I'll be adding a video so you can see what they look like on skin --- until then go paint your corner of the world!

Monday, January 24, 2011

fully stocked!

the complete TAG line is here and ready to ship! we will have pictures posted of the brand new colors very soon. also we're taking suggestions for custom split cake combinations. make sure to check out the web site