Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet TAG; the New Kid on the Block

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                                     MEET TAG; THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK
Tallahassee, FL. March 2011— Karen Mercer of knew that she wanted to bring in a line of professional face painting supplies that could stand up to the challenges of Tallahassee’s  weather when she moved to Florida several months ago. “But even after two years so many painters aren’t aware of TAG or what it can do for them.” To help put a ‘name to the face’  Mercer has asked the TAG crew to sketch up a little biography of the company.

WHEN did you start, WHY did you open?
We started TAG approx 2 years ago.  The only paints available to us as face painters in Australia at the time were DFX and Wolfe.  These paints were shipped from China to either the US or the Netherlands then back to Australia, which made the paints very expensive to purchase. We needed to find a way to source paints at reasonable prices.
TAG was born!

Are you working party entertainers or is someone in the company? 
Gaenor White one of our directors is a full time face painter and face painting teacher.
I paint on occasion when a male presence is needed, my wife, Katherine does glitter tattoos at festivals.
Linda and Charlie White are working face and body painters. They both enter most body painting competitions around Australia.  We are all working artists and the entire company is a ‘family affair’
 Everybody involved with TAG has been and still is part of the facepainting community here in Australia.

Is it true the paint is made in the same factory alongside wolfe and diamond?
Yes. TAG uses FDA approved pigments in all its regular and pearl colors.

TAG stands for children’s initials, right?
 Right, my children  (Joe and Katherine) Tulani and the twins, Amelia and Grant.

 Do you have a mission statement?
 I would say that our aim is to try and provide reasonably priced, quality products and to continue to evolve alongside the professional face painting community. 
We love face and body painting!!

Karen Mercer, founding artist of, is committed to bringing you the finest face and body painting products. Being a penny-pinching, coupon user herself you’ll never find inflated prices at the, we never try and trick you by screaming ‘free shipping’ on overpriced product. We take your business very seriously and do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Dragon Boy from La Fete

Athena from did this rockin' dragon body paint at La Fete over the weekend -- using ALL TAG face and body paint...the best part? when he moved his shoulders the dragon 'breathed'

La Fete Fairy

Just wanted to share our friend Jules work from La Fete. Jules, who came in third in the world body painting competition last year for special effects, used the foam latex thong on her model.
You can see more of her work on her Facebook site

North American Body Painting Championship

Dallas hosted the most recent NABPC where world class body painters came together for a fast and furious time of design and painting. Our friend Sue from used our Body Painting Thong in her competition piece...we think this is just stunning! Way to go Sue!!

Remember if you've got body painting to do...we've got you covered! (punny, right?)